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Are We All Equal?

World famous historian, Will Durant, once wrote, “God never read the Declaration of Independence.”  What Durant was referring to in the Declaration was Thomas Jefferson’s statement, “all men are created equal.”

We all believe that as human beings God loves us equally.  As human beings, we all have the same worth in God’s eyes, but He clearly did not create us equally.  Some humans are much smarter than others.  Some are simply better athletes.  I know this because despite intense efforts I don’t seem to be able to play golf as well as my friends. Continue reading

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How is this Possible?

Published in The Journal Record
January 13, 2016

There is an old riddle about a man and his son riding in their car, having a major accident. The man is killed instantly.  The boy, badly injured, is taken to the hospital for immediate surgery.  The surgeon enters the operating room, looks at the boy, and explains, “I cannot operate on this boy; he is my son.”  The riddle is posed, “How is this possible?”  The answer, of course, is that the surgeon is the boy’s mother.  While the answer appears obvious, many are stumped because gender stereotypes assume the surgeon must be a man.  Continue reading

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